I honestly can't tell you the first time I heard of The House of Flynn, I remember just looking for a bag for my gear. I had no idea what had stumbled upon when I clicked "join" in the HOF BTS page. 

This community is love..

There is no better group, they are love. They are strength and most importantly they are mermaids.

I have received nothing but love from these ladies, on my images and on my comments. Which makes me so humbled and happy to have been picked as a community leader of Arizona along side Amanda Brooks, and we both elected Ashley Jones as our third community leader.

These two women are amazing, I don't compare, I'm kind of the laid back quiet one, that only jumps in when its absolutely necessary. However laid back, I do want to plan great things for our AZ  group, along with build our sense of community.

This past Sunday was our first AZ Taco Tribe Event.

AND BOY did we have so many hiccups, but in the end those don't even matter. The turn out was great, the models were great. The budding friendships are the best.

Thank you Maureen for giving me the opportunity to do these things with and for my fellow tribers. And thank you Amanda and Ashley for all the work that you did and that you will do, with me.

MU: Infinite Artistry Make-Up

MU: Make-up by Cody Lynn