Let's start from the beginning..

I met Amber through a Facebook group about three years ago when we first decided we were going to pursue wedding photography. We were young we were new to weddings. 

Well we decided that Amber would come to Yuma to Second Shoot a wedding for me, and I would go to Phoenix to second shoot a wedding for her... 

Fast forward to now.

Amber has since moved to Indiana and earlier this year she announced that she would be having her first baby with her awesome husband Calvin. Well she had booked two weddings for the weekend before her due date. Cue me, she referred me to both weddings and they accepted. I decided to stay with Amber and Calvin for eleven days, in hopes of capturing her birth.

That did not end up happening (because we are still waiting for Ms. P to make her grand entrance.)

I was however able to capture some images for her pregnancy in that dark moody style of mine. 

Thank you Calvin and Amber for being so willing to let me capture these for you, and for letting me intrude in your home for a week and a half.

Amber you are going to be an amazing mom. How do I know that? Because you strive to be a better person. You strive to be close to God. And you have so much grace.