The Adobe House in Yuma Arizona, is a gorgeous piece of property, and an even more adorable B&B.

My intention was to do a 50's Glam photoshoot, equipped with a beautiful long gown, but my dear model Kristen did her nails.. Her nails are an adorable Easter Peeps theme, that doesn't really scream 50's Glam. Sooo she went into her magic wardrobe, it literally is magic. And she came up with the outfits you see here. Of course this was another of our last second shoots we always seem to do. Who needs to plan stuff out? We don't! I hope you enjoy the magic below, I am anxious for our next collaboration with one another.

Location: The Adobe House (This is Private Property so please get permission before use)

Model, MUA : Kristen Kahne

Photographer: Leslie Bowen