Lets rewind a couple years..

I did a boudoir session for a beautiful lady for her husband. I immediately took a liking to her. She's one of those rare humans that you meet and you instantly can tell she's a caring person. Well thanks to Marci and her idea for a Valentine Boudoir collaboration we both got to meet Joanna. Let us fast forward before I go in too deep about how Joanna has become part of my family. Joanna asked me if I could shoot her maternity session with her husband JC, and of course I said yes! Then she wanted a separate session with her precious fur babies. We got her maternity sessions out of the way, and of course since I just started offering birth sessions I asked if she might be interested. She was a bit hesitant but in the end she decided to go for it. I for one am extremely grateful to have been apart of Lucas entrance to the world. 

What a wonderful day it was that January 28th was. It was filled with some doubt and a little bit of fear. Joanna was adamant that she give birth naturally. As a mother myself I understand the fear the manifest when things do not go according to plan. Lucas' birth was a long one and it had started the day before, with Joanna going and leaving the hospital after 15 hours of contractions. We needed to wait until she hit 6 cm or her water broke, and wait we did. I was informed that they had arrived at the hospital at 11:14pm on the 27th, and the doctors had said he would be coming that night. Around 1:16am they texted me that she was 6cm dilated and was progressing slowly, they were hoping to get her pushing at 7 am. Then at 3:20 I was told it was time, luckily I live the next street over from the hospital. so I arrived about 10 minutes later, and I stayed until about noon with no progression. As you will see they preformed an ultrasound to see what Lucas was doing, we found out that he was "stuck" on one side of her pelvis. So after that was found out several techniques were preformed to try to move him into the birthing canal. After I had left about noon I came home showered, ate, and slept until 3:30 when I was told Joanna would be starting to push, I made right on time. It took thirty minutes until Lucas was born. Joanna, JC, Milly, and I were so shocked to see those little blonde locks of his! With the help of a wonderful nurse angel, Joanna was able to have Lucas naturally without the fear of a C-Section. 

I was able to bond with Milly, Joanna's angel momma, and she has since adopted me into the family. I am so grateful for the chance to witness this beautiful moment with JC, Joanna and Lucas. I am very thankful for the friendship that I have developed with Joanna and her family.

I hope you enjoy the images below from this beautiful birth story, and I hope you can feel the love that these parents and grand parents have for this little bundle of love.